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Why do laptop computers go through X-ray security inspection machine alone?

2019-10-09 14:53:26 Announcer:Shenzhen Fangji Infinite Technology Co., Ltd.

Whether traveling or traveling, laptops are essential. Can laptops pass through security gates? In general, some security x-ray machines are not allowed to carry more than one laptop through security checks. Here, X-ray security inspection machine manufacturer Fang Ji infinite will introduce the precautions for airport security inspection:

 1. When the laptop computer passes through the security inspection x-ray machine, it should first be taken out of the computer bag and passed through the security machine separately from other packages. Do not put the CD-ROM in the computer's CD-ROM drive, and do not use external hardware devices, such as u disk, wireless network card, etc. The power supply, mouse, etc. should also be placed separately in the box prepared by the safety inspector for passengers and checked by x-ray security inspection equipment.

2, in order to speed up your traffic, all liquids, pastes and mushy items should be sent to the check-in counter before boarding. Don't put too much metal in your bag.

3. Do not bring lighters or hide to avoid unnecessary trouble; there is a smoking room in the airport to facilitate smokers.

4, try not to fly in high heels.

5. Others such as flammability, CNC blades cannot be carried around.

Note: There is no mandatory number of computers for domestic flights, but there are certain requirements for computer batteries. For more than two computers, the battery should be separated from the computer, and the battery should be packed with insulating materials such as foam paper.

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