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Teach you how to recognize the image of the security machine

2019-10-21 11:36:52 Announcer:Shenzhen Fangji Infinite Technology Co., Ltd.

  Do you know how to identify the image in the X-ray security inspection machine? Today, Fangji Infinite X-ray security equipment manufacturers teach you how to quickly identify the image of the security machine:

1. Image monitoring method

The image monitoring method judges the object directly from the configuration of the x-ray fluoroscopic image, so whether the detected object is suspicious depends on the image on the monitor or display. If an abnormal or abnormal object appears, it should be regarded as a suspicious object. Those items that cannot be accurately identified should also be regarded as suspicious items, which should be carefully observed, and the images can be located and analyzed as needed.

2. Feature judgment method

Any object has its specific external form. Security personnel should remember the morphological characteristics of various objects on the monitor in order to identify what kind of objects.

3. AHP

Observe the overlapping object image, you can enter the overlapping part from the non-overlapping edge of the object, and then determine the original shape of the object by analyzing the color and shape of different layers.

4. Color analysis method

Color analysis method is based on displaying different materials of different colors under x-ray images to identify the material type. The various colors that appear on the monitor reflect the density, quality, and quantity of objects. Therefore, the quality of the object can be evaluated according to the depth of the image color.

Light yellow, usually a piece of clothing, thin plastic, some paper color.

Orange is usually the color of soap, soap, explosives, medicines, wood products, leather products, etc.

Dark orange, generally speaking, there are a large number of books, paper, RMB, high-concentration liquid, large bags of rice noodles, etc.

Blue is the color displayed by inorganic substances such as copper, iron and zinc. Thick cables, stun guns, bullets, coin-operated bombs, guns and knives appear in different shades of blue.

Green is the color of the mixture. Stainless steel products, cables, etc. Show different shades of green.

Red, it is the color of impenetrable objects, most are heavy metals and thick objects.

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