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What are the special requirements for installing x-ray security inspection equipment?

2019-12-16 11:32:06 Announcer:Shenzhen Fangji Infinite Technology Co., Ltd.

  There are always special requirements for the installation and maintenance of x-ray security inspection equipment. Fangji Infinite Metal Security Gate tells you that for the stability of the x-ray security inspection equipment during the installation process, you should pay attention to these issues. Especially for some debugged equipment, our future installation will affect our future performance and our performance in use. However, the stability of the security inspection machine seen so far does not entirely belong to the x-ray security inspection machine itself, but belongs to the outsourcing environment.


In the equipment belonging to the security category, electrical components play a very important role. When using these tools, we should debug them ourselves. At present, there are several factors related to the installation and maintenance of professional security inspection machines, and we should have a good understanding. Of course, this is also an analysis from the perspective of product stability, we can take a look.

On the one hand, we can also see that the manufacturer has set the installation steps. Some core components have been protected. When we install the safety inspection machine later, we actually need to protect the electronic control system. The other is to ensure that our facilities are not destroyed by humans. If damaged, it may cause problems in future operations and use. During the installation process, it is best to let your engineers know, especially the use of many bus stations, you should pay more attention. After all, when bus stops are frequently used, there may be more failures.

Fangji Infinite Security Gate believes that we should pay attention to stability in future maintenance. In fact, how to do the following work is very important. From the perspective of the stability of the current security inspection machine, on the one hand, we need professional engineers and technical personnel. Many different modes are seen in operation. However, in the actual operation so far, maintenance is actually reflected from many aspects. However, if we are concerned about the use of safety inspection machines, we should establish special management files to ensure the normal operation of maintenance work.

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