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Why must the security check machine be installed in subway stations and airports?

2019-10-22 16:36:39 Announcer:Shenzhen Fangji Infinite Technology Co., Ltd.

  When we take the subway or plane, no matter whether we are in a hurry, we must endure the nature of security. Do you think that the security inspection machine is wasting our time? So it doesn't matter whether the security inspection machine is available, is it just a layout? In fact, we have this idea because we don't have a certain understanding of the security inspection machine. The following is Fangji Unlimited Security Inspection Machine to explain to you why you should install security inspection machines in subway stations and airports:

Without the silent efforts of front-line security personnel from all walks of life, and without security inspection machines to detect dangerous goods, public safety in modern cities cannot be achieved. In fact, the security inspection machine helps our security personnel check dangerous goods to a great extent to ensure our travel safety. It is only in the past that many people think that the availability of this equipment is not very important, and it also requires a lot of costs, destroying our travel time, especially in some seemingly unimportant traffic entrances. In fact, the security equipment is to prevent some special situations from happening and to ensure the safety of our public environment.

Strengthen the construction of the public safety system. While installing security facilities such as camera monitoring and security inspection machines, we must continuously improve the level of detection, early warning, emergency response and safety management to prevent the occurrence of various accidents such as cloth personal safety violations To create a harmonious environment that can appease citizens and satisfy society.

The current x-ray security inspection machine is more accurate and the transmission rate is higher. The security inspection machine and security gate can quickly detect whether there are dangerous goods in a short time, and at the same time ensure that pedestrians pass quickly. The channel type x-ray security inspection machine can obtain appearance pictures through manual or fully automatic operation, automatically store appearance pictures and x-ray pictures, and store the foundation through cloud storage. When the prohibited items such as knives, flammable and explosive items are found, the police will be alerted immediately . In addition, the security inspection channel x-ray machine of the invention has the characteristics of high density and anti-penetration, can isolate the x-ray scattering in the shielding equipment, and has high safety. Through these high-tech security inspection x-ray machine processes, not only can manpower and material resources be saved, but also security threats can be eliminated to a large extent, and the healthy development of public order can be ensured.

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