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How to choose X-ray security inspection machine manufacturer and safe application counseling?

2020-02-11 10:12:17 Announcer:Shenzhen Fangji Infinite Technology Co., Ltd.

  Faced with many security inspection equipment manufacturers on the market, what brand of security inspection machine is better? Many owners do not know how to choose which x-ray security inspection machine manufacturer we should choose to purchase relatively safe security inspection equipment? Whether it meets the needs of different owners and meets different groups of users, mainly includes the following aspects:


Five factors for choosing manufacturers of x-ray security inspection machines:
1. Whether the technical parameters are advanced: A powerful security inspection machine manufacturer must first have its own core technology, that is, it is at a leading level in the functions of security inspection machines produced in the industry, such as image clarity, penetration, and the ability to identify dangerous goods , Simple operation mode, safety protection function, etc.
2. Market share: A good safety inspection machine brand must be widely used in all regions of the country. The greater the market share, the better the factory's production capacity, product quality and other conveniences, which can be recognized and used by our users.
3. Perfect sales and online after-sales service: No matter how good the product is, customers need to be able to experience it up close. No matter how good the product is, there is no guarantee that it will not fail. At this time, it is necessary for the manufacturers of security inspection machines to set up offices or service centers all over the country, so that users can understand the purchase situation and solve the later failures.
4. Whether the qualifications are complete: As an x-ray security inspection equipment, the security inspection machine needs to have a safety radiation license, a test report from the Ministry of Public Security, a quality management system certification certificate and related safety certificates. Radiation, environmental testing and certification.
5. Seeking truth from facts and introducing: Integrity is the most important standard for people to do things. A company or enterprise carries out false propaganda, expands propaganda, or even deceives propaganda in order to sell products. This not only does not bring a positive effect, on the contrary, customers will be lazy because of a little inquiry and confirmation. Such a company can only be found if the user is a little careful.
Guidelines for the safe use of security inspection machines:
1. Do not touch the edges of the conveyor belt and rollers.
2. Stop sitting or standing on the conveyor belt.
3. Please do not open the device that has not been used for more than 6 months. The ray generator must be restarted by a professional.
4. Avoid various liquids flowing into the device. If this happens, please close it immediately.
5. Make sure that the luggage is not piled up in the aisle or exit. If the baggage is blocked, check the aisle and close the x-ray security machine before sorting.
6. When the device is running, no part of the body should enter the observation channel.
7. The equipment cannot be operated when the lead screen is damaged.
Nowadays, various large, medium and small events are being held, and more and more participants. Therefore, general event organizers will set up safety inspection machines for the event to increase the safety of the event. In this regard, the purchase of X-ray industrial inspection machines must be carried out by companies with large brands and years of experience in the security inspection industry.

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