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What is the difference between x-ray machine and x-ray security inspection machine?

2019-08-19 15:45:54 Announcer:Shenzhen Fangji Infinite Technology Co., Ltd.

The development of science and technology has liberated productivity and facilitated our lives. Today, more and more high-tech products are born, and then there are some indistinguishable high-tech products in life, such as x-ray machines and security inspection machines. Are X-ray machine and X-ray security inspection machine the same thing? How do you do this? Fang Ji analyzed with you in infinite detail:

  The first option is to understand the X-ray machine. As the name implies, an X-ray machine is a machine that emits X-rays. X-rays are light that people cannot see. It is also called X-ray; X-ray is a carcinogen. People cannot take more pictures. In hospital examinations, X-rays are often used for medical diagnosis, mainly based on X-ray penetration-differential absorption-photosensitivity and fluorescence.

Security check machine, I believe we see the most security checkpoints at subway stations, train stations, bus stations and other transportation stations. "Usually we put the suitcase, suitcase and other luggage together, and then check the luggage through the conveyor belt. The crawler channel is sent to the check, and the security personnel can clearly see the contents of the package and box at that end. After the test is completed, The passengers retrieved their luggage and then left. The principle is that the X-rays emitted by the security inspection machine are used for inspection purposes, and the machine emitting X-rays is an X-ray machine. Therefore, the security inspection machine is an X-ray machine The security inspection machine can also be regarded as an X-ray machine.

Despite this, there are many X-ray machines used in hospitals today, and many X-ray machines are used in industry. But many people think that the X-ray machine is a hospital, but this is not the case. In order to distinguish between the safety inspection machine and the X-ray machine, the name of the safety inspection machine is determined according to different uses. For example, baggage security inspection machine, X-ray security inspection baggage machine, X-ray detector, channel X-ray machine, X-ray security inspection instrument, etc.

Finally, the manufacturer of X-ray security inspection equipment-Fang Ji unlimited summary: X-ray machine is basically the same as the security inspection machine, is the principle of X-ray emission, but its purpose is usually X-ray machine used in medicine, mainly for human examination and treatment. The security inspection machine belongs to the security inspection equipment mainly used for baggage security inspection. As for the difference, it depends on the purpose of the machine. From the perspective of use, medical X-ray machines are directly distinguished from safety X-ray machines.

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