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How does the security inspection machine identify prohibited dangerous goods?

2019-10-21 16:43:48 Announcer:Shenzhen Fangji Infinite Technology Co., Ltd.

  The purpose of the X-ray security inspection equipment used by the security inspection machine is to help security personnel quickly and effectively find possible prohibited items in the package, and minimize unpacking inspection. Many customers are curious about how security machines identify prohibited dangerous goods; today let us know with Fangji Infinite Security Machine manufacturers:

1. What is contraband?

Prohibited goods are also commonly referred to as "Sanpin". They are flammable and explosive materials, corrosive materials, regulated knives and firearms.

Flammable and explosive items include gasoline, alcohol, firecrackers, detonators, explosives, butane gas, cosmetics, air fresheners, etc.

Corrosive substances include sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, hydrogen peroxide, strong oxidizing substances, etc.

Controlled knives and machinery include spring knives, jump knives, triangular knives, curved knives, fruit knives, scissors, pistols, etc.

2. How to identify "three products" from color?

The display is blue and can be judged as a metal material. Such as daggers, knives, etc.

The display shows a green tone, which can be judged as explosive. Such as firecrackers, firecrackers, etc.

The display is orange in color and can be judged as liquid. For example, mineral water, lighters and related organic substances.

3. Frequently encountered situations in actual work:

Irregular stacking of various items brings great challenges to image recognition. The operator must be familiar with the shapes and colors of common contraband. The accumulation of experience requires a combination of extensive observation and unpacking inspection. With the gradual proficiency of the work, the number of unpacking inspections will be greatly reduced.

Fourth, need additional explanation:

X-ray security inspection equipment also has limitations. For example, mineral water and gasoline are organic substances, which are orange and cannot be distinguished by color. This requires security personnel to open the package for inspection and verification.

In short, all security personnel must gradually explore and accumulate experience in practice in order to use the X-ray machine quickly, accurately and efficiently.

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