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FJ-ST3000 handheld metal detector
  • FJ-ST3000 handheld metal detector

FJ-ST3000 handheld metal detector


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V160 series hand-held metal detectors are high-sensitivity handheld devices designed for detecting magnetic and non-magnetic metal objects. It can be used to inspect weapons, explosives or other small metal objects carried or hidden in the package. The special shape design of the induction zone makes the operation more simple and convenient.
V160 series adopts three forms of sound, indicator light and vibration alarm, which can adapt to the inspection requirements in various environments. The ultra-long battery life can meet the needs of long-term continuous operation.

V160 series handheld metal detectors include four detection sensitivities, and their ultra-high detection sensitivities are specially designed and manufactured for detecting trace metal objects.

The V160 series is manufactured using the most advanced electronic technology and complies with all international security inspection standards.

.High detection sensitivity
.Can detect magnetic and non-magnetic metals
.Adopt three warning methods of indicator light, sound and vibration
.Long battery life

Technical specifications:

4 sensitivity adjustments (ultra high sensitivity, high sensitivity, normal sensitivity, low sensitivity)
Sound and light alarm, handle vibration alarm:
Indicators: no power indicator (green), alarm indicator (red), low battery indicator (blinking yellow
Color, automatically shut down when below 5V)
Power supply: three battery options (9V alkaline battery), 7.4V special lithium battery, 9V nickel-metal hydride battery)
Contactless charging (optional charger);
Ultra-low power consumption and long standby (about 100 hours with 9V battery, up to 500 hours with dedicated lithium battery)
Material: Shock and impact resistant ABS plastic (black, gray)
Operating temperature: -15 ℃ ~ + 65 ℃ (relative temperature: 0 ~ 95%)
Size: 34cm × 8cm × 6cm
The whole machine weighs about 0.5kg
Handheld metal detector
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