Handheld metal detector
FJ-ST1003 handheld metal detector
  • FJ-ST1003 handheld metal detector

FJ-ST1003 handheld metal detector


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Dimensions: 410 (length) × 85 (width) × 45 (height) mm
Operating current: 40 mA alarm condition, standard 9V battery
Alarm mode: sound (vibration) and light alarm at the same time
Operating frequency: 40kHz
Packing: 25PCS / carton
Gross weight per box: 14kgs
Carton size: 510 (length) × 260 (width) × 430 (height)
Shell material: ABS-black

Technical characteristics:
1. Ultra-high sensitivity, can detect very small metal or very weak metal, such as: pin, razor
Films, gold and silver.
2. In case of interference, you can turn on the low-sensitivity switch to eliminate the interference. If you want to exclude small objects, you can turn this switch to (L)
3. No need to adjust the automatic detection at startup, the scanning area is large, and the detection can be completed quickly and accurately.
4. According to the size and amount of metal, the detection distance, high-level sense of strong and weak alarm sound
Combined with the LED indicator, the sound and light alarm accurately scans the specific location of the metal, and can also be used with headphones
Realize silent alarm mode.
5. Sensitivity is adjustable, convenient and flexible high and low sensitivity fast switch button, high and low sensitivity needs one key to finish
to make.
6. The detection distance is stable, and the detection distance will not be reduced with the consumption of the battery.
7. With charging interface, it is convenient for battery charging. Rechargeable battery (optional) can work continuously for more than 40 hours

Detection distance:
1. Pin 30-60mm
2. Six-four pistol 180-195mm
3. Six-inch dagger 160-180mm
4. 20mm diameter steel ball 120mm
5. One dollar coin 75-100 mm

Handheld metal detector
<None FJ-ST3000 handheld metal detector>FJ-ST3000 handheld metal detector

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