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1. Image features: The screen resolution is high, the over-packed image can be displayed on the full screen, and the subsequent image can be completely displayed after restarting after the pause. The left and right screen output can be set, and the image can be automatically saved;
2. First-class technology: the data adopts parallel transmission technology, and the network transportation speed is 10-20 times faster than other similar products;
3. Complete functions: image rendering, storage, TIP insertion, high-density material alarm, user management, remote monitoring, and other functional modules customized according to customer needs, customized ports according to customer needs;
4. Waterproof function: special treatment in the channel, no impact on the small amount of liquid spilled by passengers, more at ease;
5. Easy to learn and use: A simple and user-friendly operation interface allows users to easily use the device;
6. Mass storage: The pictures are directly stored in the hard disk, the storage quantity is more than 1 million, and can be directly called to view;
7. Energy saving and environmental protection: the machine can automatically sense objects, and the machine will only start when there is luggage, and it will be stationary when there is no object;
8. One-key shutdown: just turn the key once during shutdown, the device will automatically shut down safely and reduce equipment failure;
9. Environmental protection design: lead curtain with protective film to prevent guests' hands from contacting lead and avoid lead pollution;
10. Double-layer lead curtain design: prevent X-ray leakage more effectively.

"product manual"
1. High-definition acquisition system: The product is designed with a new generation of high-definition acquisition solution, with high image clarity, fast acquisition speed, and good resistance
Interference ability, before the device leaves the factory, after a long time test, the performance is good, and the failure rate is extremely low.
2. New integrated solution: new F-stat solution, no computer hard disk system, full chip integration, more stability and higher operating efficiency.
3. Energy saving mode: The device automatically recognizes the package and scans the image, which is more energy-saving and environmentally friendly
4. Automatic sound and light alarm: The device can automatically detect high-density substances, trigger alarm lights and buzzer alarms, and will automatically
Dynamically mark the position of high-density substances, the alarm sensitivity can be adjusted by the user, and can identify tiny metal pushpins,
Paper clips, etc .;
5. Full-screen image display: The user can hide the interface of the function area on the display screen, the over-package image is displayed on the full screen, and the status bar remains necessary
     Prompt information such as the status indicator;
6. User-defined function keys: users can set 3 commonly used user-defined function keys according to operating habits;
7. System self-detection function: when the system starts or works normally, it will prompt the working status of the system through the virtual indicator on the interface.
When a fault occurs, it can promptly and accurately prompt.
8. Optimized magnification function: The continuous 100-level magnification function for small items is more powerful and more delicate than the traditional 16-level magnification function.
9. High-speed chip-level hard disks: Traditional large-capacity hard disks are mostly used in traditional equipment. Because the equipment needs to process a large amount of data and store it during normal operation, it is easy to cause conflicts and cause crashes. The use of high-speed electronic chip hard disk design can greatly improve The processing power and working stability of the system.
10. Image data management system: designed to achieve limited storage capacity to store more data and facilitate users to view saved picture data. The system saves pictures by date, has picture compression function, and comes with storage capacity detection function, capacity When insufficient, it will automatically delete the oldest saved old picture data to ensure that it does not affect the storage of new pictures. At the same time, the system provides online picture browsing function, which can quickly browse any saved pictures;
11. Save pictures in multiple formats: users can choose the format to save pictures, and provide multiple picture formats such as Data, PNG, and JPEG.
12. Provide customized services: the system can open some interfaces, such as adjusting the display color of the picture according to user needs, or adding other practical functions according to the reasonable requirements of the customer, such as ordering a higher rate acquisition system (currently used in security inspection equipment) 0.22m / s detection speed);
13. Multi-language support: Now supports three languages: Chinese, English and Russian.

"Basic parameters"
Channel size 1000 (width) × 1000 (height) mm
Conveyor speed 0.22m / s
Conveyor rated load 200 kg
Resolution: 0.0787 mm diameter metal wire
Spatial resolution Horizontal: diameter 1.0 mm Vertical: diameter 1.0 mm
Penetration resolution 0.254 mm diameter
Steel plate with penetration ≥33 mm
Film security is safe for ISO1600 film
Leakage dose ≤0.05µGy / h
Ray beam direction
Tube current 0.4 ~ 1.2mA (adjustable)
Tube voltage 100 ~ 160 KV (adjustable)
Ray beam divergence angle 80 °
Cooling / working cycle sealed oil cooling / 100%

"Image Processing System"
X-ray sensor L-shaped photodiode array detector (single energy), 16bit depth
Monitor High-resolution 19-inch LCD monitor
Color image display 24-bit true color display
Edge Enhancement Object contour edges are clearer
Super enhancement, the image edge details are clearer
Super enhancement, the image edge details are clearer
Local enhancement Enhance image contrast
Enhanced display, improved penetration effect
Removal of organic matter, gray display of organic matter, color display of inorganic matter
Removal of inorganic substances Inorganic gray display, organic color display
High penetration display Improve the contrast of bright areas in the image, make the easy penetration areas clearer
Low penetration display Improves the contrast of dark areas in the image, making hard-to-penetrate areas clearer.
Magnifying glass Local zoom function, dynamic real-time 100-level zoom
Brighten / Darken Increase the brightness of the image / Darken the brightness of the image
Image pull back / pull forward Show the first 20 images
Image restoration One-key image display returns to its original state
Image storage: High-speed electronic hard disk, 1 million images storage, continuous working storage

"Use Environment"
Operating temperature / humidity 0 ℃ ~ 45 ℃ / 20% ~ 95% (non-condensing)
Storage temperature / humidity -20 ℃ ~ 60 ℃ / 20% ~ 95% (non-condensing)
Working voltage 220VAC (± 10%) 50 ± 3HZ
Power loss 1KW (maximum)
Noise level < 55dB
Test objects Large items such as luggage parcels, large and medium-sized luggage, suitcases, checked items, etc.
Applicable places: Institutions, banks, taxation, courts, inspection houses, detention centers, tourist attractions, gymnasiums, shopping malls, hotels, transportation tracks, etc.

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