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What is the difference between express inspection equipment and traditional x-ray security inspection equipment?

2019-09-27 14:33:26 Announcer:Shenzhen Fangji Infinite Technology Co., Ltd.

In different environments, sometimes the tools used to do the same thing will be different. In this particular environment, the general tools need to be upgraded. It also created some places, using products with the same name, but the actual difference is very big. For example, there is a very big difference between the security inspection machine often used in the subway and the security inspection equipment used in the express delivery field, so what are the specific differences?

 In daily travels in big cities, people often need to go through security inspections, and the items they carry need to be subjected to ordinary inspections. These security inspection equipments are some common inspection equipments in life, but at the same time there are some special places for this equipment There are some special uses, and there are different differences. The equipment used to detect packages in the field of express delivery has different functions. Especially in logistics outlets, it is necessary to combine the equipment of the express delivery line. This is very different from the traditional security inspection equipment. Probably the following points are different from the traditional security inspection machine.

1. Model

General subway security inspection equipment, the models are large, but in some single outlets, small equipment can be enough. There are also some logistics outlets that require special large-scale equipment, which can oversize a large item, and the usual security inspection needs some luggage packages, especially the subway security inspection, which daily carries bags, can not be used.

2, shape design
When combining large-scale equipment with a logistics line, it is necessary to open the bottom. The height is like a robot. I have also seen equipment like an elephant. This security inspection machine results in traditional functions. It also combines the need to scan the code on the market. , Weighing and other functions, more in line with the needs of flow outlets. Well, this is the difference between basic traditional equipment and logistics express security equipment.

3. Functions

These differences are still in use. X-ray industrial inspection machine express parcel inspection needs to be combined with some scanning lines, so that certain conditions need to be met. Some courier devices require scanning and monitoring functions, the opening is below. These are not visible at ordinary subway stations.

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