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What are the details of security inspections on the front line of summer sports?

2019-07-27 10:33:14 Announcer:Shenzhen Fangji Infinite Technology Co., Ltd.

Source: China Civil Aviation Network

The civil aviation summer transport in 2019 is in full swing. Although the temperature in various regions has been rising continuously in the past few days, the heat of the civil aviation summer transport has not diminished. When traveling by air, many passengers often overlook some small security details. Guilin Airlines has organized security check details for passengers to ensure that passengers travel smoothly and quickly.

What should I do if the items cannot be carried on the plane?
For passengers' items requiring temporary storage, the civil transportation airport management agency shall provide temporary storage services for the storage period of temporary items not exceeding 30 days; the civil transportation airport management agency shall provide conditions for the storage or handling of passengers in civil aviation security inspection work Items temporarily stored, abandoned, or left over.
Articles prohibited from being carried by passengers but checked as luggage
It is strictly forbidden to carry but consignment items are kitchen knives, fruit knives, large scissors, razors and other household knives; professional knives such as scalpels, butcher knives, carving knives; knives, spears, swords used by literary and artistic units for performance; Spiked walking sticks, iron-headed trekking poles, baseball bats and other sporting goods; as well as tools such as axes, chisels, hammers, cones, wrenches, and other sharps and blunt objects that can be used to endanger the safety of aircraft or others.
There are many prohibited items in the security check
It looks like a BMW car key, but it is actually a lighter; seemingly simple outdoor equipment, open with a sharp knife inside; there are also common lighters, etc., all of which are prohibited items for boarding. Before traveling, be sure to check your belongings. It is strictly forbidden to bring flammable, explosive, dangerous goods and various prohibited items on the plane. In particular, you should avoid carrying these relatively concealed prohibited items to ensure the safety of air transportation.
The charging treasure can be carried on the plane but not checked. Can your charging treasure be carried on the plane?
Can carry on the plane if the rated energy is less than 100Wh: The Civil Aviation Administration has made relevant regulations for carrying the mobile power on the plane. The charging treasure with the rated energy within 100Wh can be brought on the aircraft. The plane can only be taken with the airline's consent. The charging treasure does not directly indicate the rated energy, only the capacity. Therefore, only after conversion, can we know how much capacity of the treasure can be brought on the plane.
The maximum output voltage of a general charging treasure is 5V. According to the formula conversion, capacity = rated energy divided by voltage, 100Wh divided by 5V is equal to 20,000 mA, so the charging treasure with a capacity of less than 20,000 mA can be brought on the plane. In other words, passengers can carry up to 2 charging treasures on the plane, and the total capacity does not exceed 20,000 mA.
Three without power bank can not bring on the plane
The so-called San Wu charging treasure is that there is no specific manufacturer on the charging treasure, no rated capacity, no input and output voltage, and no parameters are marked on the charging treasure. The Civil Aviation Administration regards it as a three-no product. It is forbidden to bring on the plane.
The Civil Aviation Administration stipulates that all charging treasures cannot be checked and can only be carried on the plane as hand luggage.
At the time of the summer travel, Guilin Airlines reminded our friends that they should prepare their luggage before going on a trip. It is more worry-free to pack lightly. It is strictly forbidden to carry items in advance. It is highly efficient to go through security and fast boarding.

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