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What is the difference between a medical x-ray machine and a baggage screening machine?

2019-12-02 13:59:14 Announcer:Shenzhen Fangji Infinite Technology Co., Ltd.

X-ray machines are mainly divided into two types, one is medical X-ray machines, and the other is security X-ray machines for tourist attractions, stations, high-speed train stations and express logistics, now known as luggage X-ray security machines. What is the difference between the two? Is this x-ray machine harmful to radiation? In this regard, Fang Ji infinitely summarized the difference between the two:

行李x光安检机The principle of the security inspection machine and the medical x-ray machine are the same:

X-ray machine consists of three parts. One part is a light bulb, which emits a source of x-ray radiation. Only when x-rays pass through matter can we see what the naked eye cannot see. There must be a light bulb or x-ray film. The second is to have a high-voltage transformer. The high-voltage transformer converts the total voltage to a high voltage, and then provides a light bulb to generate electrons and x-rays. This is the second part. The third part is the controller, which tells me how many x-rays I need to put in. I want a control panel. All x-ray machines can not escape, whether it is x-ray or computer tomography. Although its internal structure is very complex, its structure should be the same.

Security inspection x-ray machine has less radiation:

Baggage x-ray security machine is used to put baggage into x-ray channel and perform x-ray project. After conversion, the shape and color of the project will be displayed. After the test is completed, the passenger takes back the luggage and leaves. The X-ray machine used for inspecting items uses x-rays to obtain x-ray images through objects, and displays x-ray images on a computer screen through computer processing to identify the images and evaluate the security of the items. Although the principle is similar to the x-ray examination of the human body by the hospital, the dose of the security inspection equipment is less than the amount of x-rays irradiated by the human body. Because the x-ray machine used for security inspection detects items and people pass through the security gate, the x-ray machine cannot penetrate people during security inspection. However, the medical x-ray machine needs to be irradiated once to see clearly, and the radiation dose is larger. The x-ray baggage checker is a three-level ray device, which belongs to a low-risk ray device. So you don't have to worry about the radiation problem of luggage x-ray security inspection machine.

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