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How to troubleshoot handheld metal detector?

2019-11-19 14:03:53 Announcer:Shenzhen Fangji Infinite Technology Co., Ltd.

How to deal with the failure of the handheld metal detector? Today, Fangji Infinite x-ray industrial inspection machine manufacturers will explain to you how to troubleshoot the handheld metal detector:


  Phenomenon 1: The alarm may continue to be triggered 1-2 seconds after starting up. In the factor analysis, this phenomenon is usually caused by too high sensitivity and excess power. Some users have not noticed that the battery voltage is lower than the task voltage after using it for a period of time, and often think that the handheld metal detector not only sounds like a defect that needs repair. Cleaning method: 1. Adjust the sensitivity during the start of the alarm until the alarm stops. 2. If the intermediary cannot be cleaned, switch the battery to use after charging. Note: At this time, reducing the sensitivity will not affect the exploration accuracy.

Phenomenon 2: Disadvantages: GC-1001 is special, it may appear a long buzzing phenomenon after power on. Factor analysis: the detector does not need to be scheduled, and the switch is also special: high sensitivity in the front, low sensitivity in the rear (uncertain) The ends are closed. Cleaning method: When howling occurs, just press the reset button below the oval button in the middle of the side of the detector to clean.

Phenomenon 3: Disadvantages: The red light will be on for a long time without warning or oscillation. Factor analysis This phenomenon usually occurs when the detector is disabled for a period of time and the battery is temporarily discharged slowly. Cleaning method: 1. Just replace the new battery. 2. Pay attention to whether the battery box will be cleaned due to battery leakage. If you clean the battery box, it should be cleaned in real time, otherwise it will cause corrosion and damage to the battery buckle or circuit board. 3. Clean with pure alcohol or electronic cleaner.

Phenomenon 4: Disadvantages and phenomena: the location of various sensitivity scheduling holes and how to schedule sensitivity. Analysis of factors: 1. The scheduling hole of MD-8 is at the front of the detector and the battery cover, a small yellow screw in a small hole; 2. They are: increase sensitivity in a clockwise direction and increase sensitivity in a counterclockwise direction. 3. Just use a micro screwdriver to deliver MD-8I, it is expected to be delivered directly by hand.

Phenomenon 5: Disadvantages: The detector with the pull, occasionally the mission of the buzzer is abnormal, but the motor cannot be stopped while moving. Factor analysis: The user usually does not notice the voltage drop after using it for a period of time. Because the motor consumes more power than the buzzer, the current and voltage can only guarantee the abnormal operation of the buzzer. Cleaning method: 1. In case of movement, reduce the sensitivity. 2. Use a new battery or charge it. Note: At this time, reducing the sensitivity will not affect the exploration accuracy.

Phenomenon 6: sometimes abnormal after booting, sometimes not abnormal, there will be an alarm, there will be no response for a while. Factor analysis: usually, when the user installs the battery, the battery button is not pressed or only one, and the other One is not pressed. There are also cases where the battery button is inconsistent with the battery, resulting in loose engagement. Cleaning method: 1. Close the battery compartment, and then press again. 2. If the battery button is too loose, you can gently clamp it with pliers. 3. If the battery button is not flexible or damaged, it can be replaced. Please note when switching.

Phenomenon 7: Disadvantages and phenomena: After the x-ray foreign object detector machine is started, it will alarm when it is gently shaken. Factor analysis is usually because the sensitivity is adjusted too high, or after the crude metal exploration sensitivity is increased, it may not be able to adjust to the original abnormal position in real time. Cleaning method: lower the sensitivity.

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