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Precautions and operating specifications for installation of security inspection machine!

2019-12-18 15:34:08 Announcer:Shenzhen Fangji Infinite Technology Co., Ltd.

  We will carry some luggage when we travel. These bags can only pass through the security check machine. For these things, it looks simple. Many people think that as long as the staff looks around, the security personnel are not like this. They also need to pass the training to pass, the following Fang Ji Infinite introduces you to the relevant knowledge of the security inspection machine.


1. Precautions for installation of security inspection machine:

1. The floor where the vibration device is installed must be kept flat and firm to avoid vibration caused by the movement of personnel or metal objects after the security inspection machine is placed, causing unnecessary false reports.

2. Pay attention to the stability of the installation environment. For example, when installing the equipment, pay attention to whether it is a ventilated and dry environment, and also pay attention to whether the power supply is stable. If the power supply in the installation environment is unstable, timely maintenance is also required, and installation can only be performed after the power supply is stable.

3. Electrical components must be protected. Before installing the X-ray machine, some electrical components of the machine must be protected. If electrical components are not protected in advance, the machine equipment may be damaged before installation.

4. Electromagnetic radiation and electromagnetic interference. Since the security inspection machine adopts two-way transceiver technology, there should be no electromagnetic interference source and electromagnetic radiation source beside the security inspection machine, and this distance should be kept as close as possible to 1-2m. The specific distance parameters need to be determined according to the installation environment of the security inspection machine. Different installation environments have different parameters.

5. It is also very important to install X-ray machine, that is, install professional technicians. There are many manufacturers now. For convenience, they ship the equipment directly to customers, who install it themselves. This is not good for the machine. If the installation is not standardized, it is particularly easy to cause damage to the machine.

Second, the operating specifications of the security inspection machine:

1. It can only be used to detect objects

2. The voltage connected to the equipment must be within the specified range

Should understand this problem well, because if you do n’t have enough voltage, you wo n’t be able to lift it, causing the conveyor belt to move slowly. Similarly, if the voltage is too high, it may burn the machine, so please check whether it is within the required range before use.

3. When the machine fails, it cannot be disassembled at will. When the normal operation of the x-ray industrial inspection machine equipment occurs during normal work, it must be handled by relevant technical personnel. Do not disassemble the device yourself. On the one hand, they are afraid of damaging parts during the disassembly process, and on the other hand, they will avoid harm to themselves.

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